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Keith McGinn is a modern organic hyper-realist artist working in oil and acrylic. His work is often mistaken for CGI or some mechanical or photographic method, but it is in fact painted. 

McGinn's paintings hang beside Hockneys, Warhols and Bacons in permanent and private collections worldwide - examples include London (the Max Factors), Palm Springs (John Shlesinger, the Peter Lawford 'Rat Pack' house, and the Hurst Mansion), the Grundy Art Gallery, the Williamson Art Gallery, Granada Television, Kuwait, Geneva, Brazil, Paris ... And more. 

McGinn has exhibited in both the UK and America. Notable examples include the National Theatre, Christies and the Mall Galleries (London), the Stanzyck Gallery (Palm Springs), the Tah Gallery (Los Angeles), the John Moores 12 (Liverpool) and one man shows at the Grundy Art Gallery (Blackpool's Municipal Art Gallery) and the Williamson Gallery (Birkenhead).